My photography is inspired by the paintings, music, and literature I enjoy. Whether it’s a feeling I get when I hear a moving song, read a passage or get lost in the depth of a painting, all of this combined influences me and I strive to express this impact in my photography. The arts and my own experiences give me the ideas for my projects and how I approach them.
In this project, I sought to capture the beauty of the beach and the presence of the people there. With these photographs I try to illustrate the special moments in life and all the small things that can be easily missed in the sprawl of everyday life.
By transforming the photograph to a painterly look, my images express the dreamy, peaceful and the romantic moments of life.

Kasia Janus was born in Lesko, located in southeastern Poland near Bieszczady mountains. Since childhood, she has been inspired by the beauty of nature in all of its seasons. Later she moved with her family to Przemysl, the second oldest city in southern Poland. While growing up, Kasia developed a passion for music, paintings and photography. In the late 1980s’, she immigrated with her family to the United States.
Her first exhibition “In Focus,” was held at KCI in Foothill College on April 2013.